At Twells Tradition we only use the highest quality meat and ingredients in our award winning sausages. We always welcome new recepie suggestions, just ask. The list of sausages available for delivery is shown below.

Beef, Horseradish and Wild Mushroom$7.20per kilo
Boerwors$7.20per kilo
Chicken and Spice$7.20per kilo
Chilli Pork$7.20per kilo
Cumberland$7.20per kilo
Duck and Hoisin$9.80per kilo
Hickory Smoked$7.20per kilo
Italian (Peppers and Herbs)$7.20per kilo
Lamb and Mint$7.20per kilo
Lamb Jalfrezi $7.20per kilo
Lincolnshire$7.20per kilo
Merguez (French)$7.20per kilo
Mexican Chilli$7.20per kilo
Old Enlgish$7.20per kilo
Organic Pork and Fennel$7.20per kilo
Pompey's F.A Final $7.20per kilo
Pork & Garlic$7.20per kilo
Pork and Apple$7.20per kilo
Pork and Cracked Pepper$7.20per kilo
Pork and Garlic$7.20per kilo
Pork and Leek$7.20per kilo
Pork and Stilton$7.20per kilo
Pork and Watercress$7.20per kilo
Pork Chipolatas$7.20per kilo
Pork, Beef, Tomato and Basil$7.20per kilo
Pork, Ginger and Spring Onion$7.20per kilo
Pork, Leek and Cheddar Cheese$7.20per kilo
Pork, Orange and Basil$7.20per kilo
Portchester Pearl (Pork, Apple, Honey, Sage and Onion)$7.20per kilo
Portchester's Own (Traditional Pork)$7.20per kilo
Premier Pork$7.20kg
Spanish, Hot and Spicy$7.20per kilo
Spicy Curry$7.20per kilo
Spicy Garlic$7.20per kilo
Steak and Ale$7.20per kilo
Sweet Chilli$7.20per kilo
The Hampshire Sausage (Venison, Red Wine and Watercress)$7.20per kilo
Tinted Beef$7.20per kilo
Toulouse$7.20per kilo
Traditional Beef$7.20per kilo
Traditional Farmhouse$7.20per kilo
Turkey and Tarragon$7.20per kilo
Venison$7.20per kilo
West Country Cider and Apple$7.20per kilo
White Cumberland$7.20per kilo
Wild Boar$9.80per kilo


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